Spirit of spring

Eloo presents its first spring / summer 2021 collection. named Spirt of spring.

The resulting collection shows the spirit of spring through the elements of clothing present in the 80s and 90s, the collection is based on refined lines, imbued with mild geometry and a kind of simplicity. Details are on the accentuated waist, elements of geometry present on the pants that are added to the blouses and dresses, the richness of colors and accentuated shoulders.

The collection consists of 22 pieces, of which dresses are an indispensable must have must have pieces of the season, complemented by simple jackets as well as pants and blouses that make the perfect outfit for this season.

The emphasis is on the use of quality fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton and viscose that fit the skin comfortably and allow it to breathe on warmer days.

Each model exudes an urban and attractive design wearable from season to season.

Feminine lines, quality materials and thoughtful design, have resulted in pieces that are wearable from morning to evening, skillfully playing with the design and choice of fabrics throughout the collection to create forms that suit every woman.

The passionate, energetic and sensual energy of a woman is shown through the collection, intertwined through the infinite energy of nature with which she is surrounded and in which they completely complement each other.

The perfect backdrop for the presentation of the spring / summer collection were parts of the peninsula of Sv. Petar in Makarska, which with its diversity and beauty gave a special note to all models as well as a warm touch of spring and thus completed the concept of this fashion story.