These general conditions apply to the use of ELOO DESIGN Internet stores in the European Union.


The services of the ELOO DESIGN Internet store are available on the website, hereinafter referred to as the ELOO DESIGN Internet store. The pages, as well as the listed services, can be used by users for private and business use without any fees for use, and according to the conditions and rules listed below. By using the ELOO DESIGN Internet store, the user agrees and undertakes to comply with the following terms and conditions. Although ELOO DESIGN strives to provide the best possible range of services, ELOO DESIGN cannot guarantee that the services at the ELOO DESIGN Online Store will meet the needs of each user.

User statement

The user is any legal and natural person who registers, places an order and pays in the ELOO DESIGN Internet store.

Seller’s statement

Eloo-dizajn d.o.o.
Registered: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
MBS : 05346371
OIB : 69124560017
Base capital: 20.000,00 kuna


Board member: Ivana Ravlić
Headquarter: Lastovska ulica 2a, 10000 Zagreb


All expressed prices are in euro (€) and including VAT.


All goods and services available at ELOO DESIGN Online Store.

Pictures and descriptions

ELOO DESIGN tries to be as precise as possible in the product description, but still cannot guarantee that the product description, image and technical data are completely accurate.

Data protection

Data confidentiality at login is protected and ensured by the use of SSL encryption. This enables secure data transfer and prevents unauthorized access to data during communication between the user’s computer and ELOO DESIGN pages.


Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act (OG No. i110 / 15), Eloo-dizajn d.o.o. undertakes to receive a written complaint from the user on the performed service and to respond to it in writing within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Complaints about the quality of ELOO DESIGN services can be submitted by users in writing to the address:

Eloo-dizajn d.o.o.
Lastovska ulica 2a,
10000 Zagreb
or to an e-mail address :

ELOO DESIGN undertakes to respond to the complaint in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

The user should submit the data for the delivery of the answer with the complaint: Name, surname and address.

Other provisions

Out-of-court dispute resolution

We hereby inform you of our good will to resolve any dispute amicably by mutual agreement as well as of your right to use out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms by submitting an application to the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and / or submitting a conciliation complaint to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. online Platforms for online resolution of consumer disputes.

Link na Platformu za internetsko rješavanje sporova (ORS):

Marketing activities

ELOO DESIGN reserves the right to offer various promotional activities to different customers of ELOO DESIGN Internet stores.

Intellectual property

The contents of the ELOO DESIGN Internet store are protected. ELOO DESIGN exercises the unique right to use the subject content. For any commercial use of the content on the ELOO DESIGN website, you must first contact ELOO DESIGN and obtain written approval.

Related Websites

The ELOO DESIGN website of the Online Store includes links to other Internet sites. The materials on these pages are beyond the control of ELOO DESIGN. Users access them at their own risk.

Part of the ELOO DESIGN website of the Internet store is intended for advertising. Advertisers are responsible for the published materials, ie that these materials are in accordance with legal norms and rules. ELOO DESIGN is not responsible for any errors and irregularities of the mentioned marketing materials.

Availability of Internet store

Access to the website of ELOO-DIZAJN.HR Internet stores ( can sometimes be difficult due to works, maintenance or introduction of new content and in cases of unforeseen circumstances that we will try to eliminate as soon as possible.

Statement on the protection and collection of personal data and their use

Eloo-design d.o.o. undertakes to provide protection of personal data of customers, by collecting only the necessary, basic information about customers / users that are necessary to fulfill our obligations; informs customers about how to use the collected data, regularly gives customers a choice about the use of their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to have their name removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do the job. All employees of Eloo-dizajn d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to the principles of privacy.

Statement on the use of Viva Wallet
Eloo-design d.o.o. uses Viva Wallet for online payments.

Viva Wallet is a secure system for online payment, real-time payment, credit and debit cards and other payment methods.
Viva Wallet complies with all PSD2 transaction security protocols, so as any customers’ payments remain secure in whichever Checkout solution one might select.
Viva Wallet Smart Checkout, plugins and payment tools are fully PSD2-compliant, with 3DS being handled by the card issuers.

With our PCI DSS Level 1 compliance status, we meet payment security standards and help protect customer data

As a fully compliant PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and a principal member and licensed acquirer of Visa and MasterCard, Viva Wallet adhere to the card schemes’ operating regulations. We are also subject to yearly audits by a third-party PCI Qualified Security Assessor, Visa, MasterCard, and the banks we partner with.

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive data. In the payments industry, it is used to safeguard a card’s PAN by replacing it with a unique string of numbers that cannot be used to make transactions.

Terms of purchase and delivery

Terms of purchase and sale of products through ELOO DESIGN Internet store are defined through the following steps: order, payment and delivery.

Ordering products

Products are ordered by clicking on the “add to cart” button. Products are considered ordered when the customer completes the entire billing process (Checkout process).

Payment for ordered products can be made in the following ways:

  • By card payment
  • By direct bank transfer

ELOO DESIGN undertakes to deliver all available products. If some (or all) products ELOO DIZAJN is not able to deliver, they will contact the user by phone and / or e-mail to arrange the delivery of replacement product (s) or cancel the order. Orders created at ELOO DESIGN Internet stores are not binding.

After the payment is visible, ELOO DESIGN starts with the delivery of goods.

For foreign customers:

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount charged on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

Shipping / delivery of products

Users can order products online at the web shop. You will receive e-mail notifications about sending the product for delivery.  ELOO DESIGN delivers products throughout Croatia, including islands. Delivery is on weekdays.
The delivery price is calculated on the invoice, and amounts to 5€ for orders in the Republic of Croatia. Delivery to EU member states is charged 17€. Delivery to countries outside the European Union is 30€. We deliver via the GLS delivery service, and in most cases the goods are sent for delivery on the same or next working day after receiving the payment (Internet banking, in the post office or in person at the bank), if we receive the payment by 12 noon.

Download order

The ordered products are packed in such a way that they cannot be damaged by the usual handling during transport. Ordered products are delivered to the entrance to the residential building – entrance to the house, entrance to the building. When taking over the product, the user is obliged to check for any damage and immediately report it to the delivery person who delivered it, ie refuse to pick up the shipment on which external damage is visible. Products are insured against loss and damage in delivery. The user is obliged to sign the invoice when picking up the product, and the courier takes it as a confirmation of collection. If the user, after the shipment has been sent, does not receive the shipment or delivery notice within the expected time, it is advisable to notify the trader in order to undertake a request for the shipment, or to send a replacement shipment. If within 48 hours after taking over the ordered products, the user does not send a written objection to the delivered products, it is considered that the shipment has been properly delivered. In case of delays due to force majeure (lost products, damaged products delivered to the partner’s distribution center – returned by ELOO DESIGN Online stores without delivery to the customer, etc.) ELOO DESIGN does not take responsibility for the “first risk” and undertakes to send replacement products to the user as soon as possible. ELOO DESIGN reserves the right not to deliver the order if there is a suspicion of misuse.

Especially on liability for material defects

The seller is liable for material defects of the product that he had at the time of the transfer of risk to the buyer, whether or not he was aware of it.

The risk of accidental ruin or damage to the product passes to the buyer at the time when the product is handed over to him or to the person named, other than the carrier.

The seller will not be liable for material defects if at the time of concluding the contract they were known to the buyer or could not remain unknown to him, unless the seller claimed and stated that the product has no defects or has certain properties.

The seller is liable for material defects in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act (OG 35/05, 41/08, 125/11). when the product does not have the necessary properties for regular use or does not have the properties and characteristics that are explicitly or tacitly agreed, or prescribed or the product is improperly installed and installation is included in the fulfillment of the contract of sale and other deficiencies in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act.

In the event of a material defect in the goods, the seller will resolve the complaint [wpml_nbsp] in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act on liability for material defects.

Pursuant to the Law on Obligations, when necessary, the defect in the product is proven [wpml_nbsp] by an expert in authorized institutions or with the help of an authorized court expert.

Unilateral termination of the contract

You can terminate the contract unilaterally within 14 days without giving a reason.

In order to be able to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement, you must notify us of your decision to unilaterally terminate the Agreement before the expiration of the term by an unequivocal statement sent by e-mail to, in which you will state your name and surname, address, telephone number, fax number or e-mail address, and you can also use the proposed example of a form for unilateral termination of the contract.


Name, surname and address of the consumer ____________________

To: Eloo-dizajn d.o.o. Lastovska ulica 2a, 10000 Zagreb,

I _____________________ hereby declare that I am unilaterally terminating the Contract for the sale of the following goods___________________, ordered / received on ________________________

consumer signature (only if this form is completed on paper)


Confirmation of receipt of the statement or form for unilateral termination of the contract will be sent to you, without delay, by e-mail.

The deadline for unilateral termination is 14 days from the day when the goods that are the subject of the contract were handed over to you or to a third person designated by you, who is not a carrier.

If you unilaterally terminate this Agreement, we will refund the money we received from you, including delivery costs, without delay, and no later than 14 days from the date we received your decision to unilaterally terminate the contract, unless you have chosen another type of delivery which is not the cheapest standard delivery we have offered,

The refund will be made in the same way as you made the payment. In the event that you agree otherwise to a refund, you will not incur any costs in relation to the refund.

We can refund only after the goods are returned to us or after you provide us with proof that you have sent the goods back to us.

It is considered that you have fulfilled your obligation on time if you send or hand over the goods to us, ie to the person we are authorized to receive the goods, before the expiration of the above-mentioned deadline.

You must bear the direct cost of returning the goods yourself.

You are responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, other than that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods

The consumer is not entitled to unilateral termination of the contract if:

– the subject of the contract is sealed goods which, due to health or hygiene reasons, are not suitable for return, if they were opened after delivery

– the subject of the contract is perishable goods or goods that expire quickly

Material defects of the product and complaints

If the buyer notices material defects of the delivered product provided by Article 401. Of the Law on Obligations and for which the Seller is responsible according to Article 400. Of the Civil Obligations Act, the buyer may, at his option, according to Article 410. of the same law:

1) require the seller to eliminate the defect,

2) require the seller to hand over another thing to him without defect,

3) declare that it terminates the contract (according to Article 412 of the Civil Obligations Act – if it has previously given the seller a subsequent appropriate deadline for fulfillment of the contract. or if it is clear from the circumstances of the particular case that the seller will not be able to fulfill the contract even at a later date, as well as in the case when the buyer cannot achieve the purpose for which he concluded the contract due to the seller’s delay).

If the seller does not fulfill the contract within a later period, it is terminated by law, but the buyer can maintain it if he declares to the seller without delay that he keeps the contract in force.

The same applies in the case of performance with a lack of obligation in which performance within a certain period is an essential component of the contract.

The buyer loses the right to terminate the contract due to lack of the thing when it is impossible for him to return the thing or return it in the condition in which he received it.

However, the buyer may terminate the contract due to a defect of the thing if the thing is completely or partially failed or damaged due to a defect that justifies the termination of the contract, or due to an event that does not originate from him or a person for whom he is responsible.

The same applies if the item is completely or partially damaged or damaged in fulfillment of the customer’s obligation to inspect the item, or if the customer spent or changed part of the item during its regular use before the defect was discovered and if the damage or change is meaningless.

The buyer who, due to the impossibility to return the thing or to return it in the condition in which he received it, lost the right to terminate the contract, retains the other rights given to him by law due to the existence of a defect.

After the buyer sends a written notice to the seller to the e-mail address and if it is determined that the complaint is justified Eloo-dizajn d.o.o. will eliminate the defect in accordance with the agreement with the customer.

The return to the seller of the product with the observed defect is realized by the buyer at the expense of the seller.

All goods we sell are stored properly.